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Back Up Your Entire Hard Drive With Redo Backup & Recovery

Easily make a copy of your entire hard drive . Don’t just back up your data: back up all of your software, your settings and everything else by cloning your entire hard drive. Redo Backup makes cloning your system easy, but also gives you access to file recovery and a variety of other tools. You can even browse the web while everything’s happening.

We’ve shown you the magic of live CDs more than once; we even wrote a handy live CD manual. So it should come as no surprise that we’ve already shown you Clonezilla, a live CD for cloning the entirety of your hard drive. This tool is great for cloning drives, but does not come with a GUI and includes a lot of cryptic language.

Enter Redo Backup, a user-friendly live CD that makes cloning or restoring your entire drive simple. Tell the program where you’d like your cloned drive to be and you’re pretty much set.
Backing Up, Backing Up…

Boot up Redo and you’ll see two simple buttons:

f backing up or restoring is what you have in mind, these are the buttons to press. Once you’ve established the drive you’d like to copy, you can pick a destination:

You can save your clone to another hard drive on your computer, another computer on your network or a USB drive; it’s up to you. You can restore your backup at any time by using the CD again.
But Wait, There’s More…

Redo is primarily a backup tool, but it can do more than that. Click the gear button at the bottom-right and you’ll find a small menu. Browsing reveals these tools:

You can use the Disk Utility to check on the health of your drives. The file recovery tool can help you recover deleted files, while the partition editor lets you add, remove or change the size of our partitions. The usage analyzer is a great way to visually examine what’s taking up space on your hard drive.

All these tools combine to make Redo Backup an amazing tool for working with filesystems. The disk’s accessories help a little more:

The web browser is the coolest thing, giving you access to the Internet while your computer backs up. A file manager, image viewer, terminal and text editor round things out.

Need more software? Don’t worry; you’ve got full access to the Ubuntu repositories. Check out the “Administration” menu to find Synaptic, or use the Terminal, and install the tools you need.
Download Redo Backup

Ready to get started with Redo? Download it now. Once you have the ISO file you’ll need to burn it to disk. Linux users can simply right-click the file to find the option to burn the ISO to disk. Windows users will need Infrarecorder or a similar tool.

If we taught you well, you will know the importance of backing up. This tool makes backing up the entirety of your hard drive simple, and for that I’m grateful.

How do you like this tool? Feel free to leave praises or complaints in the comments below, along with any questions. I’ll be around.

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