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Microsoft Shows Off New Windows 8 Version Of Skype

Microsoft has just revealed the new Skype for Windows 8. It’s a major change in design for Skype, and it looks beautiful. For all the Windows 8 naysayers, the new version of Skype might get them to change their tune a bit. Skype describes the new version as “simple, fast and beautiful,” and based on what they’ve shown, that seems to be an apt description for the new version.

A major focus for the new Skype is greatly improving the way the app runs in the background. It uses almost no battery, which is clearly a feature aimed towards Windows 8 tablets and laptops.

The new Skype is a full-screen experience. It is designed to be an app used every day, and not just when you need to make a call or record a podcast. When you first open the program, it features your contacts, recent calls, and messages right in the front of the app, so it’s easier to stay in touch your friends. Skype also integrates with the new Windows 8 People app, which further makes it part of the Windows 8 experience.

Another awesome feature of the new Skype is the snap feature. You can snap it to the side of the screen and video chat with your friends while using other Windows 8 apps. This will certainly help with multitasking while staying connected with your friends.

Of course, Skype also features the modern design that you would expect from Windows 8. It will be ready to go on the 26th when Windows 8 hits store shelves. If you are upgrading, it looks like Skype will be one of the first apps you want to download on your Windows 8 machine.

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