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From Michelle: Celebrating 5 Years Online This Month! RE: Working At Home – October, 2012

Hello, Michelle here. If you’re not one of my regular subscribers, let me quickly tell you a little about myself and then I’ll show you two sites you can use to start working from home without worry that will actually make you some money.

Ok… I’ve been working at home and making a living at it since 2007. I’ve been able to earn a great income while enjoying being in the comfort of my own home. I’m saving money on gas, and I sure don’t miss sitting in traffic. Instead of constantly worrying about my job security, I now spend more time than ever with my kids.

Since I began my own home based business all those years ago, I’ve been through literally every emotion imaginable. Frustration… anger… jubilation; although the ‘frustration’ only lasted for the first six months while I was desperately trying to discover the inside secrets of working at home. I spent hundreds of dollars on work at home programs that simply did not work.

Eventually, and after a lot of hard work, I did figure out how to earn a living from home by using a variety of programs. Since then, I haven’t looked back… and in the next few moments, I will show you two work at home programs that can actually help you make some real money.
<h1Here’s The Problem…

Well unfortunately, there are hundreds of websites claiming to help you get started working from home. These sites will send you worthless information, and then you end up with a job that pays almost nothing but requires tremendous amounts of your time. In my opinion these websites come very close to being fraudulent.

Other so called work from home services or programs are actually just designed to obtain your email address and personal information. Then they send you an email or letter saying you are being hired as an accounts receivable representative. Next they tell you to collect wired funds or checks from their customers and then forward them on to the company. I am here to tell you to avoid these like the plague.

Your job description is basically helping to launder money for the people who hired you. You will find yourself being asked to forward the money they have stolen from other people. You also end up being the person the money trail leads back to, so don’t be surprised when you hear from the authorities.

What Happened…

I decided to start this site to alert people to the above mentioned hazards and help others find legitimate work at home programs that can actually help you make some real money.

These bogus work at home sites are a black mark on the industry and the reason for educational and watchdog sites like ours. We have researched hundreds of websites, contacted the owners, interviewed their staff, and followed up with customers to provide legitimate work at home programs for our readers. Please be sure to sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page. This will help you stay current with the latest news while getting tips for working at home.

I have 2 programs that can really help someone get started working at home. You will work with big name companies and can get paid on a regular basis. How much money you make depends on your time and effort.


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